Ideal Boilers has shown exceptional dedication to heating homes through its reliable boilers, innovative controls, and excellence in renewable energy. With over 100 years of successful experience backing the company, Ideal is a UK-based name that homeowners can trust.

From Boiler Recycle Direct, you’ll find items a wide range of new and used Ideal boiler spare parts that service boilers such as:
Ideal Isar
Ideal Combi
Ideal Concord Super Series
Ideal Logic+

Not only do we provide innumerable boiler parts for each of the above model groups, but we also host components needed for every individual model within them. This includes all of the domestic wall hung boilers, other boilers, generational systems, and other specific boiler types.

When it comes to product inventory, we can provide almost any boiler part you could ever need. And they all come with the unending promise of effectiveness, quality, and professional construction.

Our repertoire of Ideal boiler parts ranges from flue extension kits, wiring harness kits, air pressure switches, air vents, burners, sensors, and more, with a wide selection of new and used parts suitable for all Ideal boiler needs.

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